Jun 28, 2017

What is Cyber Crime... and how can I protect myself and my business?

Cyber attacks cost time, money and suspend business as usual...

Why purchase cyber insurance?

Your computer may have security systems in place, but how good are they?

Your malware software may not be as strong as you think. Software that can be breached will allow a hacker to access private data, install malicious software and put your business at risk.


What does a cyber crime policy do?

A cyber policy protects you from theft and damage to the parts of your business that rely on technology by supplying you with IT support, legal fees protection and ransom payment protection

Fines; If your systems are breached and your client data is accessed by a cyber criminal, you may be fined for having poor systems in place and putting your clients at risk.



Why purchase cyber insurance?

If you have a motor crash a good insurance policy will include roadside rescue, a replacement car and the reimbursement of costs to both you and the person whose car you hit.

A good cyber policy will do the equivalent and support you completely when you are helpless at the mercy of a cyber attack.

Amongst other things, cyber insurance will:

  • Provide immediate technical response by a team of IT consultants within one hour.
  • Identify whether the security or system failure is still occurring and establish the extent of the personal and corporate information compromised
  • Identify any compromised data
  • Provide reputational protection by expert legal advisers and PR consultants

If you think about it, this is no different to why you buy motor insurance. When you have a ‘bump,’ insurers pay the bill. In this case the ‘bump’ is the total paralysis of your computer systems due to a cyber attack, your liability to your clients following unauthorised access to their records, your loss of income due to network failure and reimbursement of money stolen from your company due to payment of a fraudulent invoice.

There were an estimated 3.6 million cases of fraud and two million computer misuse offences in a year, according to an official survey. Don't let your business be a part of it...

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